Discover the new 3-in-1 BIC Kids Multi-surface pencil

For writing, drawing and redrawing on all non-porous surfaces: laminated tables, whiteboards, glass, mirrors...

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Explore a multitude of learning and educational activities designed especially for children. From magical coloring pages to biodiversity files and motor skills exercises, our varied selection offers stimulating and educational experiences to nurture children's curiosity and foster their intellectual and creative development.

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Discover our selection of articles by education experts and teachers dedicated to the development of the children we work with. Gain access to sound advice, proven strategies and enriching perspectives to best support children's development and learning.

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The BIC® Kids range offers coloring instruments specially designed for children's development, comfort and safety. Thanks to the ultra-washability of certain products and their sturdiness, they are unanimously acclaimed by parents. Discover the ranges of felt-tips, colored pencils and coloring chalks that meet children's needs at every stage of their development.



Keep up to date with the latest educational trends, practical teaching tips and useful resources to enrich your teaching. Whether you're looking for ideas for classroom activities, innovative teaching tools or inspiring articles, our "News" section is here to provide you with valuable information to boost your teaching practice.

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At BIC, we are firmly committed to a sustainable approach that permeates every aspect of our business. This sustainable vision guides our day-to-day decisions and demonstrates our commitment to the planet, to society and to future generations.


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